How to get built for your wedding!!!

See how you can get big before your wedding day so you can impress your future wife and keep her impress

Most people have an issue with getting big and that is because they just dont know how. Believe it or not getting big is much more than just bench pressing and curls, but there is a whole science behind it in order to get bigger. There are certain workouts that will build your muscle in a certain way to make them expand and grow bigger. People think getting big involves taking weight gainers every day. Will you get big yes but you will get big in the gut not the muscles. You got to think of getting bigger as trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle together. One part is how you eat, another is the workouts and knowing when to rest. Now you are wondering how do I get the knowledge on how to get bigger? You are in luck since you can learn from major body builders like Pro bodybuilder Pakulski workout program Mi40 and mi40xtreme cep muscle building workout also you can check out Kyle Leon Muscle maximizer workout too. These dvds will teach you how you can get bigger in the right way. Don’t worry these arent one of those dvds that will promise you you can gain muscles in 24 hours but it will teach you how to workout the right way and to keep the muscle on. What make these dvds great is they give all the pieces of the muscle building puzzle and now you can go to the gym with the blinders off. Now at least you know you are doing the right thing at the gym and you are not a deer staring at headlights. If you do get those dvds it will help you out get into that shape you wanted for your beautiful wife.

Get fit for you wedding

You want to look good on your wedding night and with Insanity or T25 that will happen with great diet.

Beach Body has released a great product that can help you loose wait in no time within the next 90 days. You don’t need to think or write down what you will do that day with Insanity and T25 they do all the work for you. All you have to do is put the dvd and start working out and thats it. What Insanity will do is work out your cardio and help you lose all that fat. It does help build muscle but it is more for losing the fat and  getting the definition of the body. If you are looking to get a great looking body and just want to lose weight then I would recommend the Insanity as they are high intensity workout that will make you puke. Although it is tough it will get you quick result and burn that fat.

If you are looking to build some muscle and burn fat then I would go with the t25 workout. It is made by the same company Beach Body and what is great about it is a 25 minute workout so you can’t say you don’t have time because everyone has at least 25 minutes out of the day to workout. Although it is a short work do not let that fool you as you work out non stop for 25 minutes and by the time you are done you will want water badly. What makes the workout so great is that it will make you stronger because it is mainly body weight workouts and it will give you strength that you can use not that weird body building body type. When you are done with the T25 you will be ready for your wedding night and even more.

RPG Wedding Theme

Rpg wedding theme would be great and wish it will happen more often

There are many themes whether it is Star Wars, comic book theme or other geek related themes, but now with the popularity of rpgs like Skyrim, Dark Souls and Diablo 3 I would like to see more wedding theme in those games. Of course it will be a tough sell to your bride as it is the happiest day of her life, but if she is also a gamer and a big fan of the these games then it would not be so hard.

I can see people wearing costumes like the classes in the archer in Skyrim or a monk in Diablo 3 and also make let the cosplays have some of the famous best weapons like Curved Dragon Greatsword in Dark Souls or Santier’s Spear maybe the dark brotherhood armor would be very cool. If I had to choose which one I would be is the monk in Diablo 3 because they are cool and have the best customers or maybe a barbarian who knows though because there is a lot to pick from.

I would have to say that wedding themes are becoming popular and a themed wedding based on video games like Skyrim or Dark Souls isn’t too far off but of course it will be a difficult sell to your bride to be and telling your family that they will see some wizards and monks in at your wedding.

If I had to pick though a theme to my future wedding it would have to be a Dark Souls theme  with everyone dressed as there own build but also I might do another theme  Diablo 3 and be my fire monk build my own personal build or a sykrim theme with everyone have arrows in the knee, but I know which one I would do but I doubt it will happen because when it comes to wedding the bride has the final say. See  best PvP Dark souls 2 builds and farming bonfire ascetic give you ideas for you wedding or best Assassin Archer & bows builds in Skyrim.